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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. By putting them all here, we allow Sellers & Buyers from across the globe to make the best possible decisions regarding their sale and purchase of Naples real estate.


I'm looking at purchasing a home/condo in Naples, but have heard that it's cheaper to not use a buyers agent. Is this true?


Great question -- and one we surprisingly get often. Within the state of Florida, all commissions come from the sellers themselves to encourage the sale of their property. It will never be cheaper to not use a buyers agent to represent you and furthermore, having a specific agent represent your interests only, can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. A listing agents loyalty will generally lie with their Seller, so you will never receive the full attention and negotiating experience you deserve. With new construction options, the price will never change whether you use a Buyer's agent, or not. So, we say: be thankful you can get the best professional guidance, local knowledge and endless negotiating experience behind you, at absolutely no cost.


If I want to sell my home, but am not sure which company to use, what should I do?


We would recomend making a list of the most important traits that you need/desire of an agent and a brokerage firm and interview 3-5 candidates to see who is the best fit. If you are contemplating using a company that does not have a powerful online presence/nationwide presence/global/international presence, or the ability to reach specific eyes that you feel your property needs, then that may not be the best company to move forward with. Reliability may also be a concern for some. With thousands of agents in this city and nearly half of one percent doing the bulk of the work, trying to save a point on the commission may mean thousands of dollars lost in time, energy and potentially loss of contract on your property.



I've researched endlessly and have decided I want to sell my home using The Gulf Luxe Team & Premier Sotheby's International Realty. What do I do next and what should I expect?


First off, congratulations on your decision as we feel you made the right one. What would happen next is that we would set up time to sit down and discuss the marketing plan for your home, the proprietary video production, a time for us to tour the home and get a feel for what you, as a seller, would like to get out of this experience. From there, we would all agree on a price to list the home, we would set in motion the still photography, creation of brochures, direct mail postcards, a print push, open house schedule, social media activation, caravan schedule, Broker open schedule, etc. You can expect to be kept in the loop the entire time, with any questions/concerns or desires being answered immediately. We work for you and our goal is to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, so that you immediately think of us when a friend, family member, or neighbor needs similar assistance.


I just bought a home/investment property in Naples and would like to rent it out, either for the coming season, or annually. Do you help with that?


Absolutely, we do-- and our rental specialist has helped hundreds of families, investors, young professionals and more, through this process. We will set up a time to have her come by and tour the home and then discuss the approach on marketing, finding renters for the property and what to expect after it's rented.


I want to list my property with you, but the home isn't ready yet and needs some updating. What should I do?


Good question and we're happy to hear that you are planning ahead. We would recommend reaching out and connecting in person, to at least allow us to see the home and be able to place it on our schedule of upcoming listings. When season hits, in order to give each home the attention we feel it needs, we do not take on more listings than we can service properly- this is both something our past clients can speak to, as well as a reason our services continue to be in such high demand. Knowing what listings we have coming up can allow us to structure cross promotional opportunities early enough and to make sure we lock in the video production and photography, that we guarantee.


I have visited Naples a few times and feel I may want to rent there before I purchase. Can you help in finding me a rental?


Yes we can and similarly to a home for sale, the commissions are built into the homeowners costs to make sure the property gets rented. So it does not cost you any money whatsoever, to use a rental specialist to help you navigate available inventory and negotiate a great rental price. Stacy Bush, our luxury rental specialist, will happily guide you through the process and make sure you enjoy the experience.



We would like to sell our home, but it's not located in Florida. Can you recommend a credible and hard working agent locally?


Great question and one that most people don't think to ask. After years in this business we know, or have worked with, hundreds of agents from across the United States and Internationally. Chances are we already know the best agent for the type of home and neighborhood you live in. We can also mention agents to avoid to save you time and money.


We will connect you both over email or phone, make the introduction and explain your needs as a seller and you and the prospective agent can take it from there. If our credibility is on the line, you can know that we are only referring the best of the best to help market your property.



Our neighbors tell us that The Gulf Luxe Team has some sort of magical presence and you are the best Real Estate Team in Naples, having broken multiple records for sales price in many communities-- is this true?


We can't get too deep into the magical presence, but we can say 'Yes' to the fact that we have helped thousands of sellers get top dollar for their homes, with some of those home sales breaking Naples and Marco Island records on an overall total sales price as well as a price per square foot.


We have a simple philosophy, really - Enjoy what you do and do it better than anyone else.


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